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Self-awareness –

This is a skill I have always had, my ability to critically analyse myself and look for ways to improve myself in order complete goals, that are needed to be met. This makes me better at knowing what my strengths and weaknesses are, this means I can play to my assets as well as at the same time focus on perfecting areas I need practice in. This skill will be great in a teamwork environment, understanding how I can help with a project with my best foot forward as well as perhaps asking for assistance in areas that I may struggle or at the very least know its something I need to improve on, to get the best out of my assets. At the end of most days I reflect back and see what went well and could do with some improvement. I know my limits and I always want to learn from my experiences and look for feedback in order to improve.

Articulation –

I have always found it easy to articulate ideas to other people in a way they understand (for the most part) exactly what I’m talking about. This skill is vital in the workplace, making sure that co-workers, bosses and clients know what I am talking about. I have always spoke with a form of confidence in my ideas and this comes across in my voice and body language. When I put forward ideas in a teamwork environment people hear my ideas and respect them, which I feel is because of the way I present them to them.

Teamwork/Leadership –

I am a very social person and get on with most people I meet and can easily set up a working relationship that works well. From a very young age I have always enjoyed teamwork based activities and this is something that has stuck with me right up to present day. I played a lot of teamwork based sports as we’ll as took a number of drama and performance classes outside of school and college. I Think that teamwork to accomplish a common goal has been drilled into me at a young age. Not only in my hobbies have I learnt this skill but in my working life as well. I have always had a job from a very young age and majority of them involved teamwork in order to get the job done. I use to work as a Tree surgeon assistant and this job required good communication between members of the team for everyones safety, so I believe this really hard printed in my mind the importance of teamwork and communication at a young age. I have also Been through the hierarchy of the food catering career and have been in every position on the way up. I now run service as head chef leading the kitchen staff and know what it takes to give orders to get a job done. This has helped me develop a number of skills that is required in a leadership role.

Skills I have Learnt Being in a Leadership Position –

    • Positivity

    I persoanlly feel that happiness and positivity goes a long way in the working environment and not letting mistakes and issues take over you head, preventing you from doing your best by getting flustered when things go wrong. Keeping calm and a level in all situations takes real strength and is a good example for others leaders should always think about.

    • Motivating
  • In the position of leadership you need to inspire others to do their best and get the objective completed in the best manor possible. There are a number of ways to motivate staff and it varies from person to person, but it is important to encourage productivity and passion.
    • Communication
  • This is a vital skill require for leading a group of people to achieve a set of goals. You have to be clear with the way you explain everything to employees and ensure you articulate the objective well.
    • DelegatingIt is important not to take on too much yourself and know your own as well as others strengths and weaknesses. It is your job to ensure the right tasks are giving to the correct people. Some people fear giving tasks to others is a sign of weakness but intact it is a important factor into being a good leader.
    •  CreativityAs a leader you may have to make decisions that may not always been clear on what to do, so having a creative mind might be exactly what is needed in order to think outside the box and do the right thing.It is important to be committed to what your team is hoping to achieve, This might be putting in extra hours in order to get the jobs done. It is also great just to set an example to the rest of the team, because how do you expect your team to work hard and commit if as a leader you don’t even do it yourself.
    • Commitment
    • It is important to be committed to what your team is hoping to achieve, This might be putting in extra hours in order to get the jobs done. It is also great just to set an example to the rest of the team, because how do you expect your team to work hard and commit if as a leader you don’t even do it yourself.

These are just a few skills I have developed and improved upon after taking a leadership role, which I am very grateful for and will always keep in mind when experiencing a new work place as well in the working environment in general.

Creativity –

I have always had an interest in being creative, starting at a young age I have always enjoyed drawing and coming up with stories and this interest has transformed into a useful skill in my adulthood. I spend a lot of my spare time creating a number of things just simply as a hobby, This varies from artwork or logos to music. I enjoy the idea of thinking outside the box and trying to do something new or innovate. I am always open and aware of ways to overcome issues or how to improve current situations. I think the main way I have become (in my eyes) a creative person is my passion and interest in learning new skills and perhaps by acquiring these skills it may change my thought process on projects and tasks in ways I never thought about before.

Communication –

Like I have stated above I feel like communication is a strength of mine and I have always had an innate ability to communicate to others verbally very well.



From a young age I have been classed as someone with dyslexia and I have noticed a difficulty with reading and writing others may not have. I have always been slightly less efficient than most in reading and writing for as long as I can remember. I did say that communication is a strength of mine but this is only verbally and my ability to communicate through written means may be slightly hindered and is definitely something I need put extra effort into.

I hated the way how my ability to read and write in school slowed down all other aspects of my education, so I took it upon myself to improve it in any way I could. I took extra special English classes during class time and even in the my lunch breaks, to improve my  weakness as best I could, this however was not enough, so I got a private tutor to help me after school to give me the best chance possible to because better at reading and writing. I think this really show some of strengths in self awareness and really committing in order to improve a skill I was particularly good at.

After a long while practicing and improving I believe that I have got to a point where my dyslexia doesn’t hinder me as much anymore. I will always have to put more effort in reading and writing than other but I have come to terms with it and always keep in consideration when completing tasks.

Time Management –

I have always had a slight issue when it comes to my ability to manage time effectively. Sometimes I underestimate the time something will take and as a result of that I am late or hand in projects not as complete as I wanted to originally. This somewhat links into my dyslexia as well, because quite often I would underestimate the time it would take me to complete a theory assignment or a written piece of work and this delays the time I have on other aspects of the project. Over the years I have learnt how much extra time I need in order to complete the written side of a project and this is no longer as much of an issue as it use to be but it does come up now and then.

Design Process –

My knowledge of the design process is somewhat limited because I haven’t worked in the industry. I imagine that the process varies drastically anyway due to a number of factors but there is only so much you can research without reaching some kinda of wall that can only be surpassed by actually work experience. This weakened I of course plan on overcoming as soon as I get out there and start working.


University –

University gives you number of opportunities you should really take advantage of. Universities don’t only offer information they also offer opportunities like getting involved with a company outside of the university. This can be a massive help for students perhaps getting the opportunity to get a summer job or a part time job that would expand the students knowledge in how companies work and operate.

University also offers equipment and software that would otherwise be impossible for a student acquire for themselves. Take advantage of this and use it as much as you can to build up your portfolio before going out into the real world with nothing much to show for it.

Lets not forget the main reason you go to university, which is to get an education that can get you a good job when you get out there in the real world.

Connections –

Having connections is always a great way to create opportunities within your life. I have a few connections within the media industry, as well as connections that the university links me to. Now a days the internet is great way to create great connections online, even across the globe. I have some family members that work in London and have already set me up with work experience within the media company, this can be a massive help in order to get my foot in the door of the industry.

I have members of friends and family that work in the advertising in London. I have already been given the opportunity to get work experience in a sound studio and a advertising company. This has given me the chance to experience the work place first hand, as well as make connections with people within the industry.

The university I am currently studying in has many opportunities to make new connections with bodies outside the university. There are a lot of presentations and workshops you can get involved with on a regular basis. This presents the chance to work with people who are from the working environment.

These days the internet is a great tool in order to create new connections and opportunities, with social media and other websites, such a LinkedIn. You can reach across the world and make new connections with people to communicate with and maybe even set up a new working relationship.


Rivals –

When applying for a job or even after you have got the job there is always a chance that someone is gunning for your job or just out preforming you. This can be a threat to your position or even your job. There will always be a risk of someone who the company views as a better asset will get the position you have or want. To help combat this it would be the productive to make yourself as attractive as possible to employers, some examples of this could be ensuring you are always punctual, have some form of experience or education or even a large well thought out portfolio.

Progression of technology –

Technology in the world is advancing at an extremely rapid rate and this has a number of effects on the media industry. Software or Hardware you are using one day and is considered a professional standard can be deemed useless the next. This can be a major issue in the upcoming future for everyone in the industry, we never really know whats going to happen in the future but this is especially true when the industry is advancing at the rate the technology is now.







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