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One possible option when finishing my education would be to start my own business as a freelance. I could focus mainly on websites, apps and graphic design. When creating a business it is important to take into consideration how you want your business to be perceived by everyone. The first thing to consider is the visual design and identity.

Visual Design and Identity. 

Why is important to have a good visual identity? when visiting a website or using an app you can tell the mood of the brand or company simply by the front of the writing, the main colour scheme and even by the size of the text, this is important to keep in mind if you want to ensure the design of your brand is represented how you what it to.

The first thing to think about is the audience your looking for, in my case I would be looking for small companies and businesses, because of this I will need to make sure that I can come across professional. I am struggling to find an exact match on what my target may be more specifically, with things like age, gender ECT. Perhaps a good way to find out more would be to look at other similar companies on social media and see what kind of people interact with the company.

My first bought draft would be a clean look that has its primary colours as white and gold. Here is a very early draft of an idea.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 13.44.07

Business Plan 


My idea for the business would a new and upcoming website, app and graphical designer. I would specialise in creating interesting and unique websites and apps for all types of companies and businesses. My main plan of action is to create a website and share my business on as many social media platforms as possible via friends and connections.

J.C Designs will be a freelance website, app and graphic designing business that I will run by myself and will be based in Devon, but I of course can do projects from across the world thanks to the internet.


The main aim for me is to provide a easy solution for those who don’t have the means to create a website or app, as well as provide ideas for those who want assistance in creating graphics and designs for the aesthetics of their brand. I thought about the process of how I would interact with the client.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 14.30.46

Fees and royalties 

When it comes to expenses the main thing I would have to invest in would be software in order to create a webpage, however there are a lot of free softwares out there, which may be a good bet until I’ve further established myself within the field. If I was to pay for a software there a number that are ranging in price for a monthly subscription. Here are some examples of costs and softwares I could go for.

Squarespace at 9.40 a month

Shopify at 23 a month

1&1 at 6.99 a month

When it comes to equipment I already own a PC that is more than capable to design a website or app.

As a freelance web designer you are expected to make anywhere from 15 to 75 pounds a month, obviously starting out I would be on the lower end of this.

When starting out it is important to make sure you have a financial plan. This helps in really getting to grasp with understanding how you are going to make money and where is the area in which you can improve on the best. If I was to write a finical plan it would look something like this.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 15.01.29


When creating a business it is important to understand how royalties work. Royalties are when a person or company agree for another to use their intellectual property as long and they receive some kinda of benefit or income for there use. It is important that you understand this when using things you may find on the internet, because if not done correctly this could cause you some serious issues. There are some royalty free websites out there where you can acquire assets from within infringing on royalty.


When working freelance it is a clever idea to make sure that you are insured. If something goes wrong it might be a good idea to get professional liability insurance policy, this basically protects you against claims against you if something you did may have been faulty. Another good idea is to cover yourself insuring work you take to a company doesn’t get stolen. Here are some more details about how the insurance works

How General Liability Insurance Protects Freelancers

In addition to professional liability insurance, freelancers should consider general liability insurance. A general liability policy covers property damage or bodily injury to someone else. If you meet with clients in your office, or if you go to a client’s office or job site, a general liability policy will protect you if a client slips and falls on your icy side walk, for example, or if someone trips and falls over your laptop bag while you’re at a client site.

Taken from

It may also be a good idea to insure your equipment to make sure that the only reason your making money is safe and secure, especially when it comes to expensive equipment such as computers.

Registering as self employed

When you become self employed you must register as self employed or you could find yourself in some serious trouble. Here is a step by step guide on how to register yourself.

  1. Check your work counts as self-employment using the Employment Status Indicator
  2. Create a Government Gateway account
  3. Await your details, which will arrive by post
  4. Complete your registration using your Government Gateway details, as well as information about your business, like trading name and contact details

Once registered you will have certain legal obligations.

Taken from:

If you are self employed you are legally required to tell the HMRC.

Your responsibilities once you’ve registered as self-employed

The most important of these is that you must keep adequate records, particularly of any sales or outgoings connected with your business. Then, by 31 January every year, you must file your Self Assessment tax return. Bear in mind that you will need to make payments to HMRC on 31 January and 31 July, although you may be able to stagger these payments with the prior agreement of HMRC. As well as income tax, you’ll have to pay both Class 2 and Class 4 National Insurance Contributions (NICs).




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