Future Contacts


Plymouth Course 

BSc (Hons) Computing & Games Development

When looking at courses where I can carry on further education in interactive media and games plymouth provides a good bridge to do so. This course is much like the one i’m currently doing with South Devon.

It would involve designing apps and indie games to help build your profile as a designer. you will work with real clients on projects to help your software development skills.


In order to apply for this course I would have to get a loan from student finance. the course costs 9,250 for people from the EU, which I am.


All applications have to be made through UCAS for undergraduates and UCAS will ask for information, such as the course code.


If I was to choose to go for this course, accommodation would already be in order, because I live locally and can simple get the train into plymouth. If this was not the case however I would apply for student accommodations on websites like http://thestudenthousingcompany.com, which help students find affordable accommodations near their chosen university.

Applying for trainee roles.

Instead if going on further with education I could choose to find myself placement in a company doing trainee work. When looking at Devon’s placements in these chosen fields it is somewhat limited and it may be better for options elsewhere in the country or even abroad. Saying that however universities such a Plymouth offer apprenticeships in order to help you get a job and a education.

Work Experience:

A couple of years ago I did some work experience in London, because of some contacts I had within the industry. I worked in a sound studio called Jungle Studios and even got offered a trainee position after finishing my education.

Creative internship websites

When it comes to looking at future options its a good idea to look at creative internships. There are a number of websites that have great success when it comes to creating internships that then go on to full time work. Here are some examples :





Graduate Job Websites. 

It may also be a good idea to look into graduate jobs after leaving university because its a great way to stem onto your chosen field, because graduate jobs require a degree in order to apply for the job. Here are some examples of sites :






Job Websites 

Another option would be to look for a job straight away, this may be perhaps the easiest way to find a job after education. Here are some examples of sites:









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