Professional Practice Critical Thinking

Day – 1 (3/10/17)

Critical thinking 

This is when you look in-depth into something and make a reasoned judgment that is well thought out and logical. You will look and analyse all arguments and draw your conclusion from that.

It is always important to work out the reliability of someones point of view on the chosen subject and insure you look at all angles. Its good to consider peoples emotional attachment to specific things and know this may cloud their judgement on it. I have had this issue when playing a new version of a old game I adored as a child and my opinion of the game may have got warped because of Nostalgic feelings I had because of the previous games.

Why is critical thinking important ?

Critically thinking about something helps you to improve your process of thinking. This enhances your cognitive skills, as well as insuring you keep a level head and being able to make logical decision even in stressful situations.

Key Questions

  • What
  • Who
  • Where
  • When
  • Why




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