Professional Bodies

I am going to be talking about the professional bodies that are valuable to think about to help you to look into funding and opportunities that are within your chosen field of work in the future. They can also help you determine what current trends are which would be partially useful for freelance work, when you have to work out what the best course of action for own buisness plan would be.

Here are some examples of professional bodies:

UKIE Ukie logo magenta

This is an interesting supporting official body for UK gaming companies. It is the only trade body for UK based game and interactive design industry. UKIE provides a number informational writings that can be ver useful for new and upcoming companies within the interactive media industry, this includes how to protect your products and intellectual properties. They also collect a lot of important information that provide people with an insight on how the UK market is doing in the gaming and interactive media industry.

Contact Information :


Number: +44 (0) 207 534 0580

Adress: Ukie | 21-27 Lamb’s Conduit Street | London | WC1N 3NL



The main purpose of this body is to support the gaming industry in the UK, they do this by helping game development and publishing. TIGA holds a number of events that sheds light on new and upcoming companies, such as new small indie companies. TIGA also supports the education of new young people to help bring the gap between college’s and universities to game developers themselves.


Number: +44 (0) 845 468 2330




PEGI is a official body that helps consumers make informed decisions on purchasing games or apps. Every publisher has to use the PEGI system in order to sell their products. PEGI uses a badge system that has to be presented on games and apps in order to let the consumer know what to expect when buying, this includes age restrictions and warnings of violence or strong language e.c.t. When working in the gaming industry it is essential to work with PEGI in order to get sell your products.



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