Professional Practice Aspirations


Talking about what I aspire to do in my career aspect of my life is a difficult subject to talk about, due to the pure amount I have. I have a number of paths within the industry I would be more than happy to accomplish. This being said I do have a preferred job I would like to achieve, This is not particularly a negative thing, because it means I have a contingency plan that if I fail my main aspiration I have desirable options to fall back on.

  1.  Project Directer 

I have always worked well with teams and have a strong interest in leading a team to create a great final product. I have a number of years worth of experience in a leader role but not in this same area of work. This would obviously be a near end goal for getting into the media industry and will not be accomplished for quite some time but it is something that i am very interested in doing.

Below is a number routes I can take in order to reach my dream job.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 14.10.15

This diagram displays the different routes I can take in order to climb the ladder of my chosen career path. There are a few branching jobs that can lead into progression of one another. One of the examples of this is the path of Media Trainee, which leads on to becoming a Media associate. This later on down the line can progress into being a media mentor and then finally a Senior Media Associate. This particular path of progression is mainly in the lower levels of jobs within a media company and if I was to do a career plan for the next five years, progressing through these different jobs would take up the majority of the five years. I will now lay out the ideal situation for the next five years below.

Year One –

Giving that I have already landed a trainee position in my chosen media company, I may stay in this role to up to a year depending on my performance and dedication. Under perfect circumstances I could be promoted to a Media Associate in under six months.

In the role of media trainee I would mainly be doing lost of tasks set down to me by my manger. This can vary widely depending on our current job, the company and many other factors.

The role could include looking for optimisation within the company, working on social media campaigns for many different clients, websites in search engines, a lot of online marketing techniques, building and maintaining relations with bloggers as well ad online communities, research and find opportunities for clients and the company you work for, as well as create content and produce activity reports.

In order to ensure my employer doesn’t think I’m jumping the gun when asking “what do I have to do to in order to get promoted?” I’m going to make sure a few things are achieved.

  1. Master My Current Role 

This is important to ensure you are received well by your boss and leave no doubts in their minds that you deserve to be promoted. I must make sure that I am outstanding in all aspects of the job and are consistently better than all others in similar job roles.

2.  Leave them little doubt 

Ill have to ensure that I have evidence of my performance and that I am ready to process through the ranks. I need to do my best to already do some aspects of the new role currently and that my promotion will make things easier for the company and my boss achieve goals. Its always handy to have other coleges and senior staff will vouch for you.

3.   Pick the correct time

There could be a number of factors that may prevent you from progressing through the career path. Depending on your field, your role, or your employer, there may simply be no room for you to progress right now. However if you are sure that you can capitalise on the current situation and explain to your employer that it would be strategic not just for yourself, but for them and the company.

These things can be applied to every step up the career path and will be useful to keep in mind throughout all of careers. Sometimes its easy to get distracted about what you are truly aiming for when it comes to terms of progression, lost in the day to day struggles and not really focusing on your goals. Having these pointers in mind helps to keep a foundation below you to ensure that you are always looking to advance and improve.

Year Two –

Year two could parentally be a great year for advancing through the career path, if tackled in the correct manner stated above. In the ideal situation I could be a media associate or perhaps even a media mentor, however this wouldn’t be very likely, but it could happen.

Being a media associate and a media mentor are somewhat the same job but with different levels of authority within each project. There would also be different levels of responsibly for staff and the project in general. You would have to help develop the brief for the client, prepare rough design concepts, producing a number of visuals, writing code and testing the end product.

Year Three –

Year three I would like to have progressed to the role of media mentor but depending on the current state of the company this may simply not be a option. In an ideal world however I would have reached this role and would be comfortable with this role in most aspects.

Year Four and Five –

By this time I would like to have accumulated a lot of skills and experience in my field and to have become somewhat of a specialist in a chosen area of interactive media, reaching the role of senior media associate. To achieve this I would have to be professionally knowledgeable in graphic communication and a number of computer programs that interact with users. Sometimes this role can then progress out to becoming a freelance worker, that can work for multiple companies at the same time. The job would include creating new designs tools and developing graphical interfaces. You would also be testing for quality, maintaining existing applications and researching new technologies and methods.


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