Interactive Narrative Blog 10/10

Day – 3 10/10

Today I started looking for inspiration as to the art style I want to use for my point and click interactive narrative. My initial thoughts before conducting any form of research my idea was to do a 2D art style.  This plays to my strengths because my ability to draw 2D charters and environments far exceed mine to model in 3D. It might be an idea to give 3D a bit more attention that a normal do to improve my skills in modelling because this is an area that I am lacking in experience.

I will also be looking at how certain point and clicks games play out their narrative. This will be key in improving my own game. I will pay great attention to progression of the story and how they portray character progression, the journey in which the characters become more like a hero or even some times villain. I also Feel it is important to look  at how they keep certain aspects of the story almost hidden from the audience and how they slowly divolge those storyline aspects. My idea for a story has this element of hidden information from the audience, so I should really take note on how other interactive narratives do this.

The Walking Dead (Telltale)

I first looked at game that I have had a lot of experience with, The walking dead by telltale. This a point and click game based on the popular Tv series. I really like the way that they build suspense and create a element of danger for the player is pulled off in a very impressive manner, so I will be taking an extensive look at how they manage to create these kinds of emotions for the player.

The walking dead game has gotten a lot of praise for its ability to tell a story in a fun and engaging way. Telltale are known for their ability to create spectacular interactive narratives and have made a number of these types of games such as game of throne and their new addition to their titles Batman. They have won many awards such as VGX award for studio of the year in 2012.

I also really like the art style that they have chosen to do most of their interactive games in. It is a semi realistic look that has a very cartoony element. It has been Impressive to see how they can make this art style work for all kinds of genres. They can make dark stories look dark and sinister but also make games aimed for kids all bright and colourful. They have managed to find a art style that compliments all kinds of genres, this has inspired me into really looking into what kind of style I shall be using and really consider how that will work with my narrative and theme of the game.







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