Interactive Narrative 19/9

Day: 1 – 19/9

Today was a brief introduction into the units and modules I will be covering this year as well as a slightly more detailed look into my interactive narrative module with Gareth. He went through our first task which is essentially pre production of our point and click game we will be creating within this module.

We were then shown examples of previous years games. It was interesting to see the style that they decided to use. I would of thought that many people would of chosen to the classic 2D side scroller style but intact there was very few that actually did it in that style of art. Many people chose to use 3D or from a top down prospective.

Point and Click Narrative games :

The main concept of point and click games such as monkey island is for the audience to process through a narrative or story via a gaming platform. A common theme within these types of games is that the player has to collect or find a certain items in order to continue through the story.

Types of narrative :

-evil vs good

-issues happen and then needs to be solved

-mixed abstract narrative (not following a timeline)


Tech Bits 

  • iOS or android
  • unity or unreal


Initial Story Idea :

  • Norse mythology
  • Odin & thor
  • A chieftain that is exiled from his clan
  • He journeys to reclaim his old title and position within the clan
  • A newcomer than ruins his reputation and makes the clan force him to leave
  • The gods will give him guidance throughout his journey

Characters :

  • Exiled chieftain (player)
  • Ancient Prophet
  • Multiple Norse Gods

Art Style

  • 2D cartoon style
  • Pixel Art



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