Sound Production

Today I spent a lot of my time editing the raw audio clips I recording and acquired off the internet, So I am going to run through one example of the process I go through in order to achieve this.

My first step was to get a session booked into a recording studio so I can record the dialogue I needed to. This was done with some ease due to connections I have with a family friend who has an amature recording studio.

Here is where I recorded all my dialogue. After getting all these raw audio files I then imported them into a software called Adobe Audition, which is mainly used for editing audio.


The next step was to get them all in the right sequence. This process including snipping the clips down and arranging them in the correct order.


After doing this I felt that like all good sound editing the EQ needed to be adjusted in order the fit the purpose of the audio. I recommend using softwares presets they have for certain kinds of audio as there is usually a drop down menu you can usually use, but I edited the treble and bass to my own liking. I mainly edited it so the mids are the loud that are heard so no background noise or interference can be heard as well as boost the bass so the voice sounded a little deeper.


After putting the final touches on my EQ edit I still felt as if the audio wasn’t quite deep enough for my liking, so I simply added a FX called “pitch shifter”in order to get the deepness I wanted.


After this process I was happy with the edited audio I had created and decided to export as a new audio file. I then imported the whole audio sequence into After Effects to add it to my short animation I had made, as well as some other sound assets I had got from the internet including music, rain and crowds and edited using a similar technique. I added it all of this together along with some final mastering  of audio levels to make sure everything important was heard  but also had that feeling of a layered audio.



After combining all these elements of sound and animations together I had my final piece of work for my opening cutscene for my interactive narrative. This is what the final edit of the cutscene looks like:






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