Sound Production 19/9

Day:1 19/9

Today we got introduced into our sound production modules. We will be exploring sound that are in films, animation and interactive media and how that can relate to work that we may be doing in other units.

We will also being taking a look into the tools and equipment that will be needed in order to record and capture sounds. These recordings would then be manipulated in way that suits the purpose of the sound needed.

This will help us to create good quality sound assets and to get the skills required of someone who would want to go into the audio engineering industry.

He also took us through the brief which includes a written report(20%), portfolio (70%)(which is a bank of sound)  and a critical evaluation of my work(10%).

This unit will be linked to the interactive narrative module.

Initial idea for sound assets:

  • Recorded voices (for characters)
  • Sound effects for interacting with environment and objects
  • Soundtrack for the game
  • Ambient sounds (animals,wind and rain)

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