Successful Practical Outcomes

While Completing certain projects there are a select few that I felt was a particular success for a number of reasons. Here are three examples of my work and why I feel like they were successful.


I came into contact with a lot of new equipment and softwares this year, that I may have heard of, but I never really used. One of these was a game creating software known as Unreal engine. This is the software I used in order to create my game.

The main reason I feel like I have been successful in this area is because this was the first time me using Unreal. This was quite a long process in order to grasp a full understanding of this software, but i eventually got a good knowledge of how it works. It was so successful because the sheer amount of independent research I did into Unreal. Another major reasons for me being happy with my product is because I set myself strict goals that I wanted to achieve by a certain time period.


I am also happy with the success of my character design for my game I am creating. The reason I felt this went so well was because of the process of creating these characters. I went through many concepts in order to reach my final product. i felt as if the process of going through these ideas really helped me hone my ideas, so I came out with the best result possible.

I also spent a lot of time learning news skills within the photoshop by watching educational videos online. This gave me options to approach problems in a different ways other than the ones I would of originally would’ve thought of.


During my time on this course I have produced a number of music tracks on a software called Logic Pro X. My progress with software has been rather slow due to the fact I mainly go on it as somewhat of a hobby. It does however have some links into my into my module where I have to create a game. I have recently come across a huge breakthrough when it comes to creating music. I have gotten very familiar with a technique for mastering music tracks. I recently went to a friends house who has mastered Logic Pro X to level that greatly surpasses mine. He taught me a new way that I can master my tracks while using this software.  Because of this I have been much more successful in creating music due to me learning from a peer.



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