Relative Theory In Digital Culture

Digital Culture Research

In my digital culture module I conducted research to gain a greater insight into the way technology has shaped our world and the culture within it. Technology and the digital realm has dramatically changed the way we function as a society in a number of ways.

My research started at determinism, which is the concept that new significant technologies would transform society. In the Book “Understanding Digital Culture” by Vincent Miller it says “Raymond Williams (1990 [1975] defined technological determinism as suggesting that new technology set the conditions for social for social change and progress. In such view, technology is seen as a law unto itself, on the sense that technology innovations are seen as drivers in the ‘progress’ (or sometimes ‘declines’) of society and culture.”,which sums up determinism very well.

Understanding this viewpoint this can be beneficial because of the way it can be linked to digital culture. A great example of determinism is that over the last few years is the idea that media’s such as video games and television programs have encouraged violent behavior from children. This theory has helped me to understand digital culture in a lot more detail because of the way it sums up the possible effect of media on consumers.

Although this may not have a direct link into any practical work I may make in the future, it does help me get good understanding on how I could target certain audiences. This is the main reason I decided to conduct research within this chosen area.

Although I found this theory somewhat interesting it seems fairly dated. The idea that the audiences are completely passive when consuming media’s is a bit far fetched in my own opinion. Also the media for example the news on television tend to use scapegoat on story’s to draw in more viewers and make it sound more exciting.

To summarize the determinism theory has given me some interesting information on how audiences work with the media and the benefits of conducting research.

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