Independent Work

During my time on this media course I have done a lot of independent work ranging in all shapes and sizes. When conducting work it is important to evaluate the progress you are making with your work. This is vital in ensuring improvement in all areas of life. I’m going to be going through some work I have completed and analysing the positives as well as areas I can improve on.


I have made a number of assets for my game within Photoshop. Using Photoshop has been a massive learning curve for me because of my lack of previous knowledge. When it comes to the actual assets I am pleased with the pure aesthetics of my work, but in my own opinion the process of creating them needs to be vastly improved. The time took to create these assets took a lot longer than I originally planned for it to take.

The end product met the expectations that i wanted to reach, however getting to this end goal consumed a lot of my time that could’ve been used more productively on other projects. A solution that I have come up with is to teach myself the keyboard shortcuts to certain tools within the software. Learning these would help me progress through work at a much quicker speed, helping me to get to my end goal a lot quicker. To add to that using the software for an extended period of time has already improved my workflow just from being in contact with Photoshop for a large amount of my time.

An example of my work is this caste I designed within Photoshop to be a background asset for my game. This was one of my very first products from Photoshop, so it took me around five hours to complete.


In comparison to that here is an example of a piece of work I completed only a month or so ago.

Red Forest

Both have a similar level of detail within them, but this one only took me around two and a half hours. This shows that just by simply using a software for an extended period of time can vastly improve your work speed. When I was creating this asset I had learnt a small number of the basic shortcuts on the keyboard, which shows that my plan to improving my work has already begun to work.

Another part of this is the fact that my artistic skill within Photoshop has vastly improved when it comes to creating pixel art (as seen above), however it is fairly limited when it comes to other areas of art. Looking into the future I Feel like I need to expand my knowledge of other styles and techniques to improve my work in other areas. This will be vital to ensure that my skills keep on improving. It is also important to keep options open when it comes to the media industry. I don’t want to be tied down to a certain genre of type of artwork.


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