Digital Culture Practical Research

While creating media products it is essential to conduct research for a number of reasons. The core aspect behind researching is the idea of having a informed decision about an action you are going to take. In the media industry this is vital to ensure that your product is going to be successful.

When designing my game for my games and interactive design module I considered a vast array of types of research. I started at conducting contextual research in order to get a strong grasp on consumers. When thinking about contextual research  it is important to think about three certain areas, these areas are location, activity and social setting. These days media is everywhere whether it is on the internet or the access to smart phones. This covers all of those three core aspects of context, because smart phones allow consumers to use media in every location, during, after and before all activities and also everyone can experience media and then share it socially on the internet.

With this in mind I decided to research about how popular mobile games are and how to promote something on the internet. After looking into the statistics of how many people use mobile phones for games, I decided it was key to make a port for my game that people can use on their mobiles. Over 16% of gamers  play games on their mobiles. This is a a huge statistic that simple can not be ignored. Implementing this into my practical work was a step by step process. When creating new content for my game at every stage I had to consider how I can apply this to my mobile version.

The internet is a major factor when thinking about when creating media content. This because everyone can use this a platform to promote themselves or a product. Anyone with the right know how can use the internet in this manner. There is a great way of small companies or independent people can source income to help develop their product. This is known as crowdfunding. There are many websites such as Kick starter that are on the internet for this very purpose. Because of media context and the social aspect behind it I decided that it would be a good idea to ensure that my practical work was presentable on this format. A major aspect of crowdfunding is sharing with the audience the progress you have been making with your product. This helps to create a social community around the product, having the audience help with the development of the product. With this in mind I decided to make videos of certain aspects of the game I have made. I recorded myself making assets within Photoshop so if I do decided to use a crowdfunding method my practical work could be applied to this format.

In summery it is very important to incorporate contextual research before creating any form of action. Conducting this research has giving me a great viewpoint on how to proceed with certain aspects my practical coursework.


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