Airshow App User Journey

Airshow App User Journey.jpg

This is the user journey from each page to give an idea of links and page features, such as scrolling and zooming in/out. It includes a drop menu to help ease the access to all main pages of the app.

All Pages have links to social medias of the Airshow as well as the website. All pages also have the drop down menu apart from the main homepage.

I felt having a link to all social media sites was a key feature due to the advertising it can bring to the airshow. Facebook, Google + and Twitter can draw attention to the airshow and spread the word faster than just the app on its own.

Im going to incorporate simple finger gestures that most apps use to make it easier for the user to get to grips with how to use the app much faster. This includes scrolling up and down by swiping the finger on the page. Zooming by pinching in and out. This is an important aspect to consider when making a user experience.


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