Initial Self Reflection

From a very young age I have always had a strong interest in media, I guess you could say it ran in the family. My father is a keen gamer and film enthusiast. Before him his father (my granddad) was also a gaming fanatic until the day he died.  So media has always held a strong place in my heart because it’s been a major factor in my culture and my family life from a very young age. For as long as I can remember  I have always wanted to be part of the team who creates these amazing worlds with rich storylines and characters.

I have always seen myself as a creative person who loves coming up with concepts, worlds and characters. I feel like creativity is a key part of defining the kind of person you are whether it is from music, drawing  or games.  It’s a way of expression that can ripple through the years as a reflection of yourself  and this fascinates me. Being able to create something that someone can look back at and say ” Wow, this guy/ team really made something amazing”.  I think this idea can help drive me to create and make to the best of my ability.

When looking into this course and from my previous experience from level interactive media and games I knew this course was ideal for me. The units cover a good amount of aspects of interactive media that can serve extremely useful  for my future. I’m hoping to learn allot of new skills to assist my creative mind into creating great new experiences for media consumers. I also hope that the course will provide assets I couldn’t normal afford or attain, such as software’s and hardware’s.

So what am I hoping to achieve ? well this a difficult one for me. I am a very ambitious person who has first place on his mind. Basically owning a gaming studio that create games that win game of year every year. Now I know this is very farfetched and is probably as liking as me achieving my childhood dream of being a pirate, but I think aiming high is a good mindset to have, because the higher you aim the higher you’ll go. Realistically I would love to be part of a great gaming studio and just be a part of these amazing games worlds you see as a game designer.

Throughout my work and educational life I have struggled with reading and writing due to my dyslexia . This has been a major obstacle for me but over the years, but I have managed to keep improving my reading and writing skills in a number of ways.  Looking through requirements of game designers “written and verbal communication skills” will be an important aspect that I will need to improve. I have managed (with the colleges support ) to acquire a software called DragonSpeech, which basically writes down what you say out loud, making it allot easier for me to keep my train of thought, rather than concentrating on writing. Also for a number of years I have been taking classes with dyslexia experts to improve my abilities. Continuing with these I believe my dyslexia will no longer be a hindrance on my ability to work or learn.

Being brought up with computers they have become second nature to me. I find it very easy to pick up new skills to do with computing.  This will be a great strength to help me achieve the position I want to become a game designer.  A major part of making games are computer programming and computer animation. As they both make up the core of games. Although I don’t plan on specialising in these areas It is important to have some knowledge in these subjects as a designer. It will help me to understand the jobs my team have to do. So improving in these areas will help me further on down the line.

Throughout my life I have had a number of influences that have helped push me towards the media industry.  A major one is Todd Howard who is a game director, producer and designer for a large gaming studio called Bethesda. He has an amazing story about how on the way to college he used to go in and ask for job at Bethesda but was declined many times. Eventually they gave him a job after a number of years of trying. From there he started simply as a additional art designer and slowly worked his way up to becoming a director and producer after many years of hard work.  This story is truly inspirational because it just shows that can you slowly work your way up to the position you want to be in if you put your mind to it.
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